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Berndt Hamboeck

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In Part 1 of this article, we started to develop a small racing game using XNA Game Studio Express 2.0. We learned about the game loop and how it’s implemented by the XNA (by using the Update and Draw methods) framework. We also created our first track on the screen and four cars started moving on the screen, but, sadly enough, they left the track and weren’t seen again. What does that mean? It means we should take a closer look at collision detection. In addition we should design a menu with different options. You might remember that we want to have a racing game with three computer-driven cars or a network game with one or more other humans playing against us. Sounds easy? Well, it’s not that hard, but we’ll see that a few small changes in the behavior will lead to a few other problems that have to be solved (i.e., a game menu means we have to use so-called game s... (more)

LDAP with EAServer and PB 8.0

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is for accessing online directory services. It runs directly over TCP and can be used to access a standalone LDAP directory service. Developed in the early 1990s, it defines how a client should access data on the server. It does not specify how the data should be stored on the server. Most often you'll interact with a server specifically built for LDAP, such as OpenLDAP or iPlanet (now Sun ONE) Directory Server. However, LDAP can become a front end to any type of datastore. Because of this, most popular directory services now have... (more)

Is EAServer a Language-Neutral Platform?

There's a variety of programming languages worth taking a look at, many of which can be used in your EAServer and client/server projects. This might sound like a silly question to you: Do you know which languages EAServer supports out of the box? (As you'll see a bit later, I write out of the box.) PowerBuilder (Version 7, 8, and 9) Java/J2EE C/C++ (CORBA) PowerDynamo At first glance we would answer the question with a definite no. EAServer is not language-neutral. Should we finish this article now and give up? I say we should look at what language-neutral means. And as EAServer ... (more)

DDDW Tips and Tricks

The DropDownDataWindow (DDDW) edit style is one of PowerBuilder's outstanding features. Yes, I know there are a lot of new and exciting capabilities in the upcoming release of PowerBuilder, but in this article I'll try to solve some of the current problems with the existing features that are popping up in nearly every project I've seen. Here I'll focus on DropDownDataWindows, including: How to get started with DDDWs Filtering DDDWs without losing the display value in other rows Catching the collapsing of a DDDW Trapping the cursor keys in a DDDW Autocomplete DDDW values Getting S... (more)

PowerBuilder Goes MP3

In this article I'll show you how to play MP3 files with your own "sound machine" written in PowerBuilder. But before we start to implement it, you should first understand what MP3 is. MPEG-1 Layer III, MPEG Audio Layer III, or MP3; it's all the same. I'll use the name MP3 from now on. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) situated in Germany was the original company/founder in the development of the MP3 standard and received patent protection for it in 1989. The original name was EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting. Dieter Seitzer, a professor at the University of Erlangen,... (more)