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Berndt Hamboeck

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The DropDownDataWindow (DDDW) edit style is one of PowerBuilder's outstanding features. Yes, I know there are a lot of new and exciting capabilities in the upcoming release of PowerBuilder, but in this article I'll try to solve some of the current problems with the existing features that are popping up in nearly every project I've seen. Here I'll focus on DropDownDataWindows, including: How to get started with DDDWs Filtering DDDWs without losing the display value in other rows Catching the collapsing of a DDDW Trapping the cursor keys in a DDDW Autocomplete DDDW values Getting Started The basics are well covered in the PowerBuilder User's Manual, but if you still have problems defining them look at Figure 1. Click on the column you want and its edit style (yes, click on edit on the properties) as DDDW (choose DropDownDW as Style Type). Next, choose your DataWindow, ... (more)

The EAServer Repository

EAServer includes a powerful API called the Interface Repository. In this article I'll create a small service component to clean this repository of unwanted files that might be created when you deploy PowerBuilder components. I'll show how to get all the packages associated with your server and read your component's special properties. With the Interface Repository you can do all the EAServer administration and monitoring tasks, for example: Create and ping connection caches Query for installed packages and components Get information about the server (OS, version) Refresh/restar... (more)

Sybase ASE 12.5 Performance and Tuning

Over the past few years, there have been a number of titles released on the Sybase enterprise database management system. Administrator's Guide to Sybase ASE 12.5, released late last year, was widely adopted by consultants, DBAs, and administrators of Sybase ASE. Sybase ASE 12.5 High Availability, released in early 2002, is especially appropriate for those whose businesses demand 24x7 availability of data and applications. The third title in this series, Sybase ASE 12.5 Performance and Tuning, is the one we'll take a closer look at this month. It promises to be just as valuable ... (more)

Pocket Sudoku

It's amazing how popular Sudoku has become in the last few months. You'll find one in nearly every daily magazine here in Austria. When I started to jump on this train (yes, I solve at least one Sudoku a day), I thought it would be amazing if we could have a version written completely in our number-one development tool, PowerBuilder, or it's small brother PocketBuilder. Since I wanted to be able to carry it around with me, I decided to write it in PocketBuilder 2.04 (because of its wonderful new support for horizontal/vertical windows) so that it would also support one of my ne... (more)

SQL Anywhere 10 & DataWindow .NET 2.0 in an ASP Environment

Most of the applications we software developers build need to interact somehow with data from a database. The .NET Framework defined by Microsoft provides a rich set of objects to manage database interaction; these classes are collectively referred to as ADO.NET and the latest versions of DataWindow .NET (which is now version 2.01). SQL Anywhere (version 10) fits perfectly in this environment, making development a lot easier; in addition, your applications will look good without spending a lot of time painting the user interface. In this article we'll look closer at exactly this... (more)