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Have you ever looked at a rainbow and wondered how all the colors got there? Or wondered why grass looks green and your jeans blue? Well, if you sit in front of your computer as often as I do, you might not. However, the following problem may have occurred: you want to create a cool window in which the data and the headers are displayed in different colors, but you can't find the right one. If you've come across this situation before, then this article is right for you. What Is Light? Let's discuss a bit of physics. If you look at a cool DVD movie, you hear sound and see pictures. We can say that it's a combination of light and sound, both of which are made up of vibrations or frequencies. The unit used to measure vibrations per second is hertz (Hz). Sound vibrations occur in the lower regions of the spectrum, whereas light vibrations can be found in the higher freq... (more)

SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Developer's Guide

As a PowerBuilder developer I'm sure you have already used SQL Anywhere a few times, but did you know that SQL Anywhere owns over 70% of the mobile database market? There are several good reasons for this big market share; it's easy to use, easy to administer, and doesn't take up much space, but SQL Anywhere isn't just for mobile and embedded databases; it's got the features and the flexibility to work as a network server with hundreds of active users pounding away on a single database. And it's got a solid foundation and a long history from its roots with Watcom in the 1980s th... (more)

Third Generation Web Service Implementation

The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) makes it possible for automated code-generation tools, like PowerBuilder 9 with its Web services wizard, to simplify building clients for existing Web services. In my previous article "Axis" (PBDJ, Vol. 9, issue 8) we discussed the basic steps involved in implementing a Web service using Axis, EAServer, and PowerBuilder 8. Now we'll explore the technologies that make it easier to use Web services that have already been deployed. What Is WSDL? WSDL is an XML-based language used to define Web services and describe how to access them. For... (more)

LDAP with EAServer and PB 8.0

In Part 1 (PBDJ, Vol. 9, issue 6) I discussed directory services and how they provide authentication, access control, and finder services for our application. In Part 2, I explain how the JNDI API lets us easily use LDAP. JNDI Overview The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) is an application programming interface (API) that provides naming and directory functionality to Java applications. It's independent of any specific directory service implementation, thus a variety of directories - new, emerging, and already deployed - can be accessed the same way. JNDI Architecture T... (more)

Is EAServer a Language-Neutral Platform?

There's a variety of programming languages worth taking a look at, many of which can be used in your EAServer and client/server projects. This might sound like a silly question to you: Do you know which languages EAServer supports out of the box? (As you'll see a bit later, I write out of the box.) PowerBuilder (Version 7, 8, and 9) Java/J2EE C/C++ (CORBA) PowerDynamo At first glance we would answer the question with a definite no. EAServer is not language-neutral. Should we finish this article now and give up? I say we should look at what language-neutral means. And as EAServer ... (more)