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One of the biggest problems in an enterprise is deploying the application. Usually you have to deliver a new release of your application to several hundred workstations. This may be a time-consuming and very cost-intensive task. Think of rolling out the newest and coolest version of the order application of your enterprise: this superior version has so many new functionalities that your users will love it. When we think about rolling out a new version, we must keep a few things in mind: The cool new version has to be packed for distribution. Database conversion scripts have to be given to one or more DBA. Distribution has to take place. The development team should be available during roll out. Let's have a closer look at these points. Database Conversion We'll have a few new tables that have to be deployed into the production system. And we may also have some store... (more)

SQL Anywhere 10 & DataWindow .NET 2.0 in an ASP Environment

Most of the applications we software developers build need to interact somehow with data from a database. The .NET Framework defined by Microsoft provides a rich set of objects to manage database interaction; these classes are collectively referred to as ADO.NET and the latest versions of DataWindow .NET (which is now version 2.01). SQL Anywhere (version 10) fits perfectly in this environment, making development a lot easier; in addition, your applications will look good without spending a lot of time painting the user interface. In this article we'll look closer at exactly this... (more)

Third Generation Web Service Implementation

The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) makes it possible for automated code-generation tools, like PowerBuilder 9 with its Web services wizard, to simplify building clients for existing Web services. In my previous article "Axis" (PBDJ, Vol. 9, issue 8) we discussed the basic steps involved in implementing a Web service using Axis, EAServer, and PowerBuilder 8. Now we'll explore the technologies that make it easier to use Web services that have already been deployed. What Is WSDL? WSDL is an XML-based language used to define Web services and describe how to access them. For... (more)

Web Services with PowerJ 4.0 and PB 8.0

"Web services are a new breed of Web application. They're self-contained, self-describing, modular applications that can be published, located, and invoked across the Web. Web services perform functions, which can be anything from simple requests to complicated business processes. A sample Web service might provide stock quotes or process credit-card transactions. Once a Web service is deployed, other applications (and other Web services) can discover and invoke the deployed service." -IBM's Web Services Tutorial The World Wide Web is mostly used as a source of information - the w... (more)

PowerBuilder and Colors

Have you ever looked at a rainbow and wondered how all the colors got there? Or wondered why grass looks green and your jeans blue? Well, if you sit in front of your computer as often as I do, you might not. However, the following problem may have occurred: you want to create a cool window in which the data and the headers are displayed in different colors, but you can't find the right one. If you've come across this situation before, then this article is right for you. What Is Light? Let's discuss a bit of physics. If you look at a cool DVD movie, you hear sound and see pictures... (more)