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Berndt Hamboeck

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Okay, I know you're already familiar with the PowerBuilder IDE. Yes, you're one of those people who knows where to find the system tree and how to turn it off. And you already know what the clip window is for (if you don't, look at it, it's a pretty cool feature - we used it in our 7-year-old application to document who made changes or bug fixes). No, that's not what I'll be talking about today. I want to discuss the internals of the IDE, as it has improved a lot since PowerBuilder 7. The Idea Why should we take a closer look at the IDE? It works great, we like it, so everything's okay. I agree, but I miss having an autocomment tool, a tool that pastes a header like the following sample: // Object : axisclient // Method : open (event) // Author : B. Hamboeck // Date : 3/31/2003 // // Argument(s): string commandline // Returns: (none) // // //***************************... (more)

PowerBuilder Goes MP3

In this article I'll show you how to play MP3 files with your own "sound machine" written in PowerBuilder. But before we start to implement it, you should first understand what MP3 is. MPEG-1 Layer III, MPEG Audio Layer III, or MP3; it's all the same. I'll use the name MP3 from now on. Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (FhG) situated in Germany was the original company/founder in the development of the MP3 standard and received patent protection for it in 1989. The original name was EUREKA project EU147, Digital Audio Broadcasting. Dieter Seitzer, a professor at the University of Erlangen,... (more)

The EAServer Repository

EAServer includes a powerful API called the Interface Repository. In this article I'll create a small service component to clean this repository of unwanted files that might be created when you deploy PowerBuilder components. I'll show how to get all the packages associated with your server and read your component's special properties. With the Interface Repository you can do all the EAServer administration and monitoring tasks, for example: Create and ping connection caches Query for installed packages and components Get information about the server (OS, version) Refresh/restar... (more)

'NetStart' your PowerBuilder Application

One of the biggest problems in an enterprise is deploying the application. Usually you have to deliver a new release of your application to several hundred workstations. This may be a time-consuming and very cost-intensive task. Think of rolling out the newest and coolest version of the order application of your enterprise: this superior version has so many new functionalities that your users will love it. When we think about rolling out a new version, we must keep a few things in mind: The cool new version has to be packed for distribution. Database conversion scripts have to ... (more)

DDDW Tips and Tricks

The DropDownDataWindow (DDDW) edit style is one of PowerBuilder's outstanding features. Yes, I know there are a lot of new and exciting capabilities in the upcoming release of PowerBuilder, but in this article I'll try to solve some of the current problems with the existing features that are popping up in nearly every project I've seen. Here I'll focus on DropDownDataWindows, including: How to get started with DDDWs Filtering DDDWs without losing the display value in other rows Catching the collapsing of a DDDW Trapping the cursor keys in a DDDW Autocomplete DDDW values Getting S... (more)